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The CELTA - Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults - is quite simply the most widely recognized English language teaching certificate. The CELTA training qualification offered by IH San Diego is awarded by Cambridge ESOL and opens doors to good English language teaching jobs around the world.



The CELTA is an introductory course, originally designed for people with little or no previous English language teaching experience. However, it is also beneficial for experienced teachers who have never attained a recognized teaching qualification.

The CELTA certificate is a great step in obtaining a teaching position at good schools around the world. Employers regard the certificate highly as it is known to provide a strong basis from which to develop as a teacher of English.


Fees for 2019:

Course Fee:  $2,595         

Registration Fee:  $200


2019 Course Dates:

March 4 to 29
April 8 to May 3
Sept. 9 to Oct. 4
Oct. 14 to Nov.8
Procedure to determine if a course will run:  

-We will determine whether a course opens 4 weeks before the starting date.


-If there are 8 applicants who have paid the $200 deposit, we will open the course. If not, we will cancel the course. Deposits received will be refunded to the applicant or held towards a future course. This is the choice of the applicant.