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■Procedure for enrollment

  1. 01 Online Registration

    I. Go to the "Online Registration Page"
    II. Enter your customer information (name, contact info, etc.)
    III. Submit your completed document using the "Register" button.

  2. 01 Downloadable (PDF) Form

    I. Download (or print) the Registration Form.
    II. Fill in your customer information (name, contact info, etc.)
    III. Send your completed document to IH via email or fax.

  3. 02 Receive a Price Quote

    Based on the information entered in Step 1, an admissions counselor will contact you with a price quote.
    Arrangements for accommodation will also be handled during this step.

  4. 03 Remit Payment

    The final stage includes:remittance of payment, arrangement of airline tickets, applying for overseas insurance, registration of student visa (ESTA), and preparation of any other necessary travel documents


■Online English [Level] Assessment Test

Click here to begin the online English test.
* There are 60 questions in total divided into 4 categories.
* Test time is about 30 minutes.
* Because this is an online test, please note that your score is subject to fluctuate on the actual placement test.

■Brochure (English) (3.7 MB)

■Brochure (Japanese) (24.5MB)

■Registration forms and prices 2022

Registration Forms and Prices 2022